Wealth and family sometimes do strange things to people. When is having enough…enough? Being content with having a great wife, possibly several children, having a wonderful job that you thoroughly enjoy, and living comfortably might just be enough for some. However, when any of those parts of your life are taken away from you, some people feel that their hearts have been broken and they can’t continue living. Retribution, by definition, is, the dispensing or receiving of reward or punishment, especially in the hereafter.
• • •
Walter was sitting in his library reviewing his business holdings. He stopped what he was doing and sat back in his chair and thought, I really miss Leonard. It’s been one year since Leonard died, and for some reason, I still feel I owe him something.
They had worked on many deals together over the past twenty-five years, had flown all over the world and had enjoyed their endeavors.
Walter called Duncan. “I need to visit an old friend in Gstaad, Switzerland. How soon can we take off? I’d like to arrive there around noontime.”
They landed in Gstaad around noon on a damp and foggy day. They drove directly to the entrance of the Cimetière de Champagne Cemetery on Avenue de Champagne. They drove over to the caretaker’s office for directions.
The caretaker came outside, saw Walter and asked, “Can I help you?”
Walter walked closer to him and asked him, “Can you direct me to where the Leonard Schultz crypt area is located?”
“Hold on a moment, please,” the caretaker, said as he looked up the name in his files. “I can tell you where it used to be.”
“What do you mean used to be?” Walter asked looking puzzled.
• • •
Walter had just interviewed Claus Livingston for the position of CFO of his company, Monarch Enterprises. The other applicants just didn’t have that certain quality he was looking for. Walter was pleased with the background check that was made and his overall qualifications and hired him. As Walter walked towards the elevator in his building, he suddenly had a feeling that he knew Claus, but he was sure he had never seen or met the man before. His way of talking and mannerisms reminded Walter of someone he used to know. Maybe that’s why I like him, he thought.
• • •
Rick went up to the cockpit and said, “Del, let’s turn around and go back to Providence. The trip has been canceled.”
He came back to where Liz was sitting and held her in his arms.
“ Darling, I have some bad news for you,” Rick said, as tears were running down his face.
“What is it, Rick? You’re scaring me,” Liz said alarmed.


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