The Australian Conclave

The Australian Conclave


Liz and Rick were on their way back from their honeymoon in Fiji. It was an especially sunny day as they flew over the Equator back to their ranch in Colorado, when Rick received a phone call from Walter.

“Hello there,” said Walter. “I know you enjoyed yourself in Bermuda, because I didn’t receive one phone call from either of you.”

“Hi Walter,” said Rick. “We had a great time. However, we didn’t actually go to Bermuda – we went to Fiji instead. We got one of those bungalows on stilts, where there are no phones, no reception, no TV – just us. We watched fish just wander through the glass floor of our bungalow….it was just fantastic.”
“Well I think that’s just wonderful,” said Walter. And without skipping a beat, “how would you and Frank like to go with me to Australia?”

“What’s happening in Australia?” asked Rick.

Joseph Hinklmann was waiting along with the thousands of other immigrants in Bremerhaven, Germany, to board a ship bound for Australia. He chose Australia to start a new life because his wife and parents were all dead, killed in the war. This was going to be a new start for him. As his name was being called out, he almost ran up the gang ramp, where the Stewardess told him where he will be staying for the entire voyage. He remembers it vividly as he was directed to a sailor’s hammock. He jumped up to the upper hammock, and just lay there swinging as the ocean waves pushed the ship around slightly. That evening the ship left Bremerhaven, Germany’s harbor on its voyage to Melbourne, Australia.

“My name is Sir William Davenport. I would like to talk to you about buying two hundred acres of your land.”
“I don’t think so,” said Joseph. “I received your letters and at first I sent them back and said my land is not for sale. After a while I just stopped answering them. Now you’re here in person.” And he walked closer to the screen door and said, “I’m not selling any of my land and that’s final! So get off my property and never come back!”
“Don’t you want to leave your children something more than just sheep?” Sir William said sarcastically. “After all, you aren’t going to live forever. Maybe your children would like to experience the finer things in life now – and not after you’ve passed away.” He just walked away.

“What are we going to do in Australia?” asked Frank quizzically.
“Lamb chops,” said Rick. “According to Walter, New Zealand and Australia are where the best come from.”
“What would I be doing there?” asked Frank.
“Walter has hired himself a new CFO,” said Rick, “And he and I agree, that it would be good for you to meet her.”

“He hired a woman as his CFO?” asked Frank a little surprised.

“Yes why do you say it like that?” asked Rick.

“Sorry,” said Frank. “It’s just that from what little I’ve heard about Walter, I just figured he’d only work with men. And that’s only because he has to travel with his CFO, and they work all hours of the day and night.”

“Her name is Adrianna Wetterstrom,” said Rick. “She comes highly recommended. While she isn’t from Yale like you, she did attend The Wharton School of Business and was top in her class.”

Sir William got out of his chair and quickly looked outside. What he saw was a helicopter hovering with multiple missile bays aiming four rockets directly at him. He heard rockets exploding and looked down and saw that his beloved Bentley was destroyed. Suddenly the APC’s stopped shooting and moving. The back doors opened up and six people disembarked, heading to various parts of his house and the compound.

“Fritz!” said Sir William almost in tears. “Do you see what they’ve done to my home?”

“Yes, I have,” said Fritz, “and I think you may want to give Mr. Donleavy back to them, before they kill you.”

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