The Berlin Escape

The Berlin Escape


“How much are you getting paid to kill me?” Walter asked.
“I might as well tell you. Its five million dollars,” she replied.
“I’ll give you ten million dollars, not to kill me,” Walter said casually.

Dorothy went to Jimmy’s office to talk to him.
“You don’t have to give this guy, Rocky, any more money,” Dorothy said firmly.
“What…What do you mean…What happened?” Jimmy asked shocked.
“Never mind. I took care of it,” Dorothy said. “That means I want you to start managing this place like a real club or I’ll sell my share to Dennis. Do you understand me?” and she left his office.

“I assume you’re going to kill me?” Janus asked in a matter-of fact way. “I can give you ten thousand dollars right now from my briefcase, and you can walk away.”
“That wouldn’t be ethical,” Hellena said. “However, I’ll take the money anyway, because you won’t need it…anymore.”

“I totally underestimated you,” Apollo cried out and eyes wide open, while still rubbing her cheek.
“That’s not what I want to hear!” Walter said loudly, his voice echoing in the garage as he came closer to her. “Do you know a man named Ulrich Pasternoff?” Walter asked, watching her facial expression, and immediately saw the slight flinch in her eyebrow…that told him he had hit a nerve.
“Something for you to consider,” Walter said. “He may not be calling you anymore…since I made a deal with him.”

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