The Colorado Conspiracy

The Colorado Conspiracy


In 1975, a plan was put in motion by a group of investors that would change the boundaries of the Pawnee Indian Reservation. Ten years of very careful planning and collaboration between factions in Florence, Italy; Las Vegas, Nevada; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Fort Collins, Colorado, would ultimately give them access to a gold mine – but not mined by the Pawnee Indians.

It was a plan so cunning and daring that organization’s in both the United States and Europe weren’t going to let anything stand in their way. However, the timings of these events were extremely crucial to its success.

The Monarch Ranch was a key ingredient to this success. But when the new owner purchased the ranch two months earlier, they hadn’t counted on Rick Benedict, a professor of European history, to be that fly in the ointment.

It was a race against time to mine the gold and distribute it to certain parties in Europe and the United States before the Air Force in Cheyenne, Wyoming, could mount a major investigation surrounding the seismic disturbances.

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