The Italian Illusion

The Italian Illusion


Walter Donleavy received a chilling phone call late one night from an old friend in Florence, Italy. The call forced him to revisit his perilous trip in 1945 after he’d escaped from a Russian General’s private train in Berlin. He was going to take Walter to St. Petersburg to be viewed as a prize from the war. Hiding in the woods and afraid for his life, he’d slowly made his way to Florence, Italy where he had met his mentor…. Federico Benito Mariano.

“Mr. Donleavy, I’m afraid for my life,” said Anton. “These men came to me at the plaza where I have my morning expresso. They said that Federico stole something from them during the end of the war!”

“Calm down Anton,” Walter said. “Coincidentally, I’m planning a trip to Europe next week and I will stop by and see what this is all about.”

Rick woke up and as he normally did, he rolled over to Liz’ side of the bed and was going to give her a kiss – but she wasn’t there. He’d forgotten that the day before, he had driven her to the airport to fly to Billings, Montana and meet with Jacques Béarnaise to start the remodeling process on their newest venture – The Three Forks Restaurant and Lodge. He felt alone, but they agreed that she should take on this project.

Walter was still considering buying a new home for himself in Europe. He contacted a realtor named Samantha Bouvier, who came highly recommended. What he soon discovered, was that she had found him a perfect home. It also included the mystery and intrigue. Samantha also had a second agenda and one that paid more than just real estate commissions.

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