The Little Boy who saves Christmas

The Little Boy who saves Christmas


This is the story about a boy named Stevie who saves Christmas. Santa Claus had a nephew named Franklin, who tried to make the North Pole workshop more efficient. The only problem he had, was that he didn’t know anything about making toys.

Santa and his nephew Franklin got into a big fight, so Santa left and went to Florida to live in a trailer park and just enjoy the warm climate. That’s where he met Stevie. Santa also changed his name to Mr. Klausnopolis.

Meanwhile, Franklin was doing a terrible job. The elves would rebel because they liked the “old” way of building toys some of them left because they didn’t like working there anymore.

Stevie had always dreamed about being Santa’s helper at the North Pole. Stevie told Mr. Klausnopolis about his dream and after he got an okay from Stevie’s parents he arranged for Stevie to go to the North Pole as a helper…



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