The New Mexico Connection

The New Mexico Connection


A secret organization called The Balducci Couture, developed control of the textile industry used to support the global fashion industry. One of their sources of the fabric comes from Peru and Bolivia – from Llamas and Alpacas. Many in the fashion industry prize their wool from these beautiful animals. Over the past several years, a secret process surfaced that takes that wool and processes it to an almost silk-like quality. The organization had to find that formula and eliminate any competition that would potentially destroy their lock on this lucrative industry.

Soon after Walter Donleavy purchased his llama and alpaca ranch in New Mexico, he received a call from a close friend from his past in South America and asked him to visit him in Bolivia. Walter never dreamed that this would take him on a perilous journey that would force him to rethink his life goals and could potentially expose his multi-million dollar empire.

Rick went to Carrizozo, New Mexico to manage Walter’s new, San Lorenzo Llama and Alpaca Ranch. However, from the moment he arrived, he could already feel there were problems – he just didn’t know how much. Rick went to Bolivia with Walter to purchase another, but larger ranch. However, within twenty-four hours they were entrenched in a war that had global consequences if they were to succeed. In the process, Walter was kidnapped by the Cartel and demanded a secret that and handed down from the Chief of the Quechua Indians tribe in the early fifteen hundred’s. They flew to Tel Aviv to meet with the person who was holding Walter hostage. Walter’s financial empire was in jeopardy, because certain people had found out about Walters life before he came to the United States.

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