The New York Sedition

The New York Sedition


An organization called The Beefsteak Association located in New York wanted to purchase the Monarch Ranch Meat Processing plant in Billings, Montana. They already controlled all the meat-processing plants from Chicago to the East coast. They felt strongly that the Monarch Ranch could be a potential threat to their operation, since the ranch was already supplying various major grocery stores. Walter took an interest in purchasing an existing restaurant, located in Mystic, Connecticut, which only served seafood. However, when he approached the owner, he was not met with resistance – but with information about himself when he was in the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. He had a difficult time reliving that period in his life. However, something compelled him to listen to the man. At the end, he found out that they had a connection at the camp. Forty-five years later, he met the man that he didn’t pick for his group. He also reminded Walter something about himself that no one else knew. One morning Rick received a distressing call from Frank concerning the wool supply being shipped to their sister company the Balducci Couture in Tel Aviv, Israel. Suddenly the shipment sizes had dropped down to a noticeable difference. Horatio, was the General Manager of the St. Augustine Ranch in San Ignacio, Bolivia, had not called Rick and apprised him of any production changes. Rick, Frank, his CFO, and Don, his manager of the Monarch Ranch in Fort Collins, flew to Bolivia to find out what the problem was. Walter had reorganized responsibility for his companies at Monarch Enterprises between Liz, Rick and himself. Having accomplished that, he had building floor space that was too large for what was left of his organization. He decided to sublease the space to an electronics entrepreneur.


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