The Rotterdam Retaliation

The Rotterdam Retaliation


An incident happened over 30 years ago that involved Fred when he was just starting out at his new job as a forensic accountant. The company that hired him was very generous by paying off his student loan and giving him a six-figure income. Things were going along well, until the three principal officers of the company did not show up for work anymore. Within a week, the FBI and local police arrested Fred on charges of embezzlement. Fred had no idea what was going on and it went to trial. Walter heard about it, got him a lawyer, and was freed on a technicality.

Walter, along with Fred, Ernie, and Rick and their wives were all invited to Paris for a grand opening of Victor Chen’s newest casino, The Champs-Élysées Casino, and Resort. This was also an opportunity to meet the main members of the Li Chan Group. It was supposed to be a very festive week for all. However, Walter was getting worried because Rick and Fred had not checked into the hotel yet. He tried in vain to call them, but nobody answered.

“Steve, I’m a little worried about Rick, Fred and their family,” said Walter. “Can you do a search using your “chip-finder” and find out where they are?”

‘I’ll do that right away, hold on,” said Steve. “It looks like they are in Paris, and in the Hall of Justice building.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Walter said. “I’ll try and find out what’s going with her. Thanks, Steve.”

Walter called Victor Chen and asked him if he knew anybody at the Justice Building?

“Yes, I do,” Victor replied, and they left along with Ernie and Del.

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