A Christmas tree named Clyde

A Christmas tree named Clyde


This is the story about a Christmas tree name Clyde. He liked ringing doorbells and then running away. However, on one especially clear night, Clyde didn’t notice that a little boy named Harold was watching from his bedroom window. He wasn’t mad at him but instead was excited. So he went downstairs and ran out of the front door and said, “Would you like to come inside?” Clyde didn’t know what to do so he said yes.

Clyde was getting too big to stay inside so after several years they planted him in the front yard. Clyde liked it that way, because now he can be with his friends, like Harvey Nutkin and Seymour the squirrels, Blanche the hissing beetle, and of course Davenport the owl.

Christmas was a joyful time because Harold has all his family and friends inside and Clyde had all his friends sitting on branches in the front yard.



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