The Prague Deception

The Prague Deception


Throughout history, many dictators developed a primeval, almost sadistic view of society and felt that power was for the taking. Some of these dictators went to the finest educators in the world and learned how to mesmerize their citizens, converting them to their own twisted ideologies. They began the process by corrupting the military generals, who controlled the work force and weapons that could control their people

One individual during World War -II set in motion a contingency plan in the event he wasn’t successful in accomplishing his goal of ruling the world – and that was Adolf Hitler. Toward the end of the Second World War, Hitler ordered his Army to enter Prague. He moved his munitions factory from Berlin to Prague’s underground city, because the Russians were getting too close.

To temper his paranoia, he created a backup plan. That’s when he created – The Doomsday Device. As such, he planned an apocalypse so devastating it was beyond description and one in which the world could never recover.

Thirty-five years later, a letter surfaced reminding five people that the device could still be a real threat to the world and had to be disarmed.

Rick Benedict was a professor at Brown University at the time. Little did he know that soon he was going to be embroiled in a world of betrayal and deceit that would shake the very foundation of his own beliefs.


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