The Paris Vendetta

The Paris Vendetta


Walter has trouble finalizing the purchase of his most monumental project – converting a villa built in 1865 into a 5-star resort and casino in the heart of Vienna, Austria. However, after meeting with the President of Austria and negotiating a very lucrative plan, he finally completed the sale. He also had a partner, Victor Chen, who had his son, Quan managing the renovation on his own resort and casino in Paris, France. Suddenly his son goes missing, with new clues as to where he is. A sinister group of people to Victor previously knew come back to haunt his organization.

Victor called Walter and told him what had happened. Walter used all his resources to help find Victor’s son, Quan. Victor waited impatiently for news about his son. He received a phone call from the captors wanting to make a deal. Time was critical because unbeknownst to his captors, Quan had a medical condition that if not treated in time, he could die. Victor had no choice but to agree to the captor’s demands. That night they all met at midnight under the Champs Elysees Bridge, next to the River Seine to finalize the deal. What they were not aware of was that Victor also had resources and was more ruthless than they could ever imagine.

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