The Kentucky Revelation

The Kentucky Revelation


The year was 2004 – The Kentucky Revelation A friend of his invited Walter that he hadn’t seen in many years to come down to his thoroughbred horse farm. He was asking him to see the world-famous Kentucky Derby. In the early 60s, Walter had created a portrait for his friend Ted Cunningham, which still hung proudly in his library. However, it was more than a casual invitation. Suddenly Ted wanted Walter to perform a task that he had not done in over forty years. While it was exciting to be invited, and sit in the premier box seats, it also came at a stiff price. For Walter, the price was more than he was willing to pay. Walter had already felt that Ted had an ulterior motive for inviting him, Liz, and Rick to his house in Lexington, Kentucky, for the week. Once they finished dinner, Ted asked to have a private conversation with Walter about something that his great-great- grandfather had started after the civil war. In one calculated move, Ted had almost everything. He didn’t figure at the time that the person he made a deal with, also had somebody to report to as well. He hadn’t imagined that he was more ruthless than Ted.

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