The Templar’s Missing Volume

The Templar’s Missing Volume


The year was 2005 – The Templar’s Missing Volume

In the year, 1307 The Knights Templar was an organization that provided safety for the various pilgrimages to Jerusalem. As time went on, they became very powerful and wealthy. They had houses, buildings and created a banking system that competed with rich monarchies in Europe, South America, and Africa. However, it was because they were so successful that those leaders were now envious of their success. Slowly they were hunted down and killed. A few of them were able to escape with some of the treasures they had accumulated over the years. The ones that were left went into seclusion.

The Vatican had heard about the vast treasures they supposedly had collected. They wanted to know where it was located. There were a few of the Templar’s still living, and manuscripts were found. However, there was no roadmap to where they had traveled and where their treasure might be located. They gave this task to an abbey that they felt could piece together their rich history and possibly tell them where they might look for it. The monks created fifteen volumes of the history of the Knights Templar and gave them to the Vatican. A year later, four weary Templar’s were seeking sanctuary at the Vatican. Their job was to create a roadmap of their life and hopefully tell where the treasure might be hidden.

The four Templar Knights were concerned, so each of them took one of the volumes and rode in different directions to hide the book. Through a series of unusual vents, one of the four volumes turns up, in present day and Walter is asked to sell it.

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