The Trinity Organization

The Trinity Organization


“We’re actually here to see Kieran Griffiths,” Rick said. “We called him a few days ago and told him we wanted to meet with him.”
“I’m sorry, but he’s not here,” Dwight said nervously. “He didn’t tell me anything about your meeting.”
Rick looked a little miffed, but said, “Can you call him and tell him we’re here?”
“Yes, I will call him right away,” Dwight said nervously, as he dialed the number.
The call was answered right away, “Hello, this is Kieran.”
“Kieran, this is Dwight. Did you forget that you had a meeting with Mr. Benedict today?” he asked.
A long pause ensued, and finally, Kieran said, “Tell him I’ll have to reschedule for another time.”
“But, Kieran he flew all the way from Fort Collins, Colorado!” Dwight said loudly.
“It can’t be helped,” Kieran responded.
Dwight and Tomislav were just getting into their car and going to work, when a man sat up in the back seat, holding a gun.
“I guess you never thought you would ever see me again!” the person said, with a wicked laugh.
“You!” Dwight yelled out. “What do you want?”
“I don’t know yet!” he yelled out. “But that you’re so surprised is good. So for now, just drive.”
“What happened to you?” Dwight asked, curiously.
“I spent two months in the hospital in Chicago, with my jaw wired,” he said. “Then, I was not only fired, but I also lost my house….everything, all because of you!”
“You did this yourself!” Dwight screamed out.
“You have cost me everything!” he yelled out.
He started to smile and said, “You’ve just created your worst nightmare.”
“Oh and why is that?” Rick asked.
“Have you ever heard of the term, you have just poked the bear?” Adriano said snickering.
“Yes, I have,” Rick, said smiling, as he bent down to whisper in his ear. “But this time Phillip Barbarossa is my bear.”
Adriano immediately stood up, looking serious, and said, “Yes sir, I understand and I’ll take care of it right away,” and hung up.
He sat back down with an ashen color to his face.
“What’s the matter boss?” he asked looking panicky himself.
“Nothing,” he said. “Just get back to work!” he screamed. “And, get outta here. I’ve got some thinking to do.”
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