The Machinators

The Machinators


Definition of a MACHINATOR: One who machinates, or forms a scheme with evil designs; a plotter or artful schemer; a member of a conspiracy.
The door opened immediately, and Dwight saw Tomislav. However, before he could reach out to him, he was quickly jerked back inside the room. In the doorway stood a person Dwight hoped he would never see again.
It was Thursday, and that’s the day Hilda chose to do her grocery shopping for the house. On this day, however, somebody was waiting in the store parking lot, so they wouldn’t have too far to walk. When she came out, she had three bags of groceries in her cart that she was going to put into the trunk of the car. There was a van parked next to her with their side doors open, and a young man was also loading something into his van.
• • •
He saw the woman and casually said, “Can I help you with those, Ma’am?”
“That would be very nice, thank you,” she said smiling.
The man loaded the groceries into her trunk, closed the lid and said, “That was easy. Have a nice day.”
“Thank you so much,” she said as she walked to the driver’s side of her car.
As she was ready to turn the key, she was suddenly grabbed from behind and pushed into the side of the van.
Walter Donleavy was wandering around the town of Ingolstadt, which is in the Bavarian sector of Germany, thoroughly enjoying himself and acting like a tourist. He didn’t notice that another individual was following him. As Walter passed him by on the cobblestone sidewalk, the individual turned towards the window pretending to look at the displays.
You will regret the day we met, the person thought, as he turned and continued following Walter.
Suddenly he heard a loud explosion far behind him, and he turned around to see what was going on.
“What do you mean he disappeared?” Rick screamed out. “What happened?”
“I don’t know!” Duncan said embarrassed. “One minute he was in front of me and then I was distracted by an accident across the street. When I turned around again….he was gone.”
“Who is this, and how did you get this number?” he asked.
“This is Liz Benedict,” she said.
“Oh it’s you,” Phillip said impatiently. “Why are you calling me? We had an agreement.”
“Yes, I know,” Liz said. “And I have honored it. However, I’m afraid the memo never got down to the lower ranks. Does the name Hans Belcher ring a bell with you?”
The phone at the other end went dead.
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