The Moscow Intrigue

The Moscow Intrigue


It was a dark and wet night from a storm the night before. The streets glistened like a mirror as the lights shone on them. The air smelled brisk and clean, like someone just had ordered the wind to come through to freshen things up. It was on this very cold and dreary day that Paul Mathews was preparing to scale the building at 3 Patrovia Way. This was the building where Carl Fabergé constructed some of his most beautiful gold Fabergé eggs for the crown heads of Europe. His creations used jewels that were handpicked by him from all over the world.

Just before the revolt in 1906 when the red army stormed the palace, Czar Nicholas II had hidden two of his most famous Imperial Fabergé eggs in a secret space deep in the cellar of the Alexander Palace. They were going to retrieve them at a later date, along with the gold coins and jewels. However, later never came. As a result, one of the special Imperial Fabergé Eggs held a secret that would be devastating to Russia and possibly have major consequences to this monarchy if it were ever found out. The pair of Fabergé eggs were almost lost until a painting that Walter happen to see in the Rumyantsev Museum in Moscow while he was on tour with the Minister of the Moscow Museum in Archeology.

It was a bold and calculated risk to try and break into one of the most heavily fortified buildings in the world – the Moscow Armory building, top floor. There was a window on the corner that belonged to General Stanislaw Ogortski. He was the last person that knew about the famous pair of Fabergé Eggs called Constellation and Karelian Birch – because the Czar had originally given him the painting.

One of the things that were handed down from the last surviving Romanoff, are the treasures the parents and grandparents accumulate as spoils from various wars and then hand them down to the current generation. Some of the most prized possessions were world famous, like the Fabergé Eggs that were made almost exclusively for the Romanoff family.

The Romanoff family also harbored a secret that was handed down only to various members of the executive cabinet. Count Olav Stravinsky, who lived in Long Island, New York behind a heavily fortified gate in the estate that was once owned by a famous robber baron. The last time he saw Nickolas II was in St. Petersburg, just before he was killed. He and he alone knew the dark secret of the matching eggs that were to be given by Nickolas II to Empress Maria of the Habsburg Family and Woodrow Wilson – the then President of the United States.

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