The Montana Monopoly

The Montana Monopoly


In 1945, a couple left the safety of their home and started that long trek from Budapest, Hungary to Bremerhaven, Germany. The war was almost over, but they went through cities that were still in ruin. They had little to eat and were always vigilant about anybody looking at them for fear of being caught. There one goal was to get on a boat that would take them to America. All the odds were against them surviving. However, the deep desire to be free and the love they had for each other they felt was enough. After three grueling weeks at sea and with handouts from fellow passengers, they finally got to New York.

They purchased a kiosk, using up some of the money they saved. They felt the train stations might be a great location, so they set up their kiosk there. They found out very quickly that people liked their food. It was a simple hot dog on a french bun. Things were going well until they were asked to leave because they didn’t have a vendor’s license. But that didn’t deter them and after riding for days, they finally ended up in Billings, Montana.

Thirty-five years later and after changing their name to Kenny and Sally Kellerman, they had a chain of twelve restaurants called the Three Forks Restaurant and Lodge. However, after having successfully built a thriving business, they faced the type of danger for them and their children they thought they left behind in 1945.

After Walter Donleavy purchased the Monarch Ranch in Fort Collins, Colorado, he always want it to be a working cattle ranch and sell their beef to the local hotels and restaurants. Walter found The Three Forks Restaurant and Lodge in Billings Montana. One other suitor that also wanted to buy the business. They were going to use a deep and devastating secret in order to get what they wanted from the owners.

Bradley Sheridan was a broker at the – the Benjamin-Veniamin and Hart brokerage firm. He managed billions of dollars through his firm for friends. One day he ended up with a major problem with the IRS, so he left the company. A month later one of his former bigger clients heard about his problem and offered him a job – that would turn his life upside down. He didn’t realize at the time who he was actually dealing with – until it was too late. The company that wanted to purchase the chain of restaurants had an ulterior motive. If successful, would make them all millionaires’ a hundred times over.

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