The Amsterdam Protocol

The Amsterdam Protocol


Walter Donleavy’s latest acquisition, a resort and casino in South Africa, proved to be another very worthwhile investment. However, from the first day he stepped onto the property to start the remodeling process, there was a group of people who had other plans for the resort – and those plans did not include Walter Donleavy.

South Africa was a diverse melting pot of people from all over the world. Ever since diamonds were discovered there, people flocked into the country in droves. It was those people that helped to build the country and it was also those same people that built the luxurious hotels and later on gambling – Las Vegas style.

It was very easy to get caught up in the power that comes with money. One such individual did get caught up in the madness because he wanted to be so much like his father. The difference was he wanted to do it in months instead of the years it would normally take to achieve greatness. It almost destroyed an empire that took years to meticulously build. It required Walter to marshal all of the resources at his disposal to resolve this problem so lives, including his own, and his investments were not lost. In the process, he found a new ally whom he would consider using for future acquisitions.

It was a plan that was so simple yet so devious and included officials in the Government to pull it off. However, Rick Benedict felt something was wrong as soon as he walked onto the casino floor; he just didn’t know who all the individuals were, until he stumbled on part of the plan. There were actually three parts to this operation and no one knew all of the entire plan, except three people.

Steve turned around and waited for a moment until he heard an engine start up and saw the helicopter lift off from behind the building. He got out of his car and shot at the helicopter, emptying his fifteen-round clip, but not sure if he hit anything.

As this mystery unravels, one by one greed kicks in and each of the individuals involved is killed off – primarily to eliminate paying the share of a thirty-million-dollar prize. It was also to get rid of any loose ends before they got their money and took off for Tahiti. Rick Benedict was that fly in the ointment with his ability to sense something was wrong – and he stopped the stealing.

Along the way Liz was kidnapped when she was back on her boat in Rome – but she proved more resourceful than the kidnappers gave her credit for and she showed them who not to trifle with. When Rick heard that two attempts were made on her life, he was more determined than ever to find a way to protect her the best way he knew how.

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